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If I were to explain to you what Nichijou is, I’d just show you this clip.

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i’ve wanted to do this for 253453094 years

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Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(

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I got this Toothless for five bucks at Barnes and Noble and he is the cutest thing. He’s made of a slightly flexible vinyl-ish material, not hard plastic like I thought, which is nice and seems more quality imo.
There’s no indication of a prosthetic tail though (which is odd); I may need to paint some red on.

I’m so envious of your shy and adorable mini Toothless! I think each Barnes and Noble store had a different version, because I couldn’t find that one, but this one instead.

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Better photos of Medicos Super Strap Collection, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.  Items are:

  • Stone Mask.
  • Dio’s head in a Jar.
  • Zeppeli-san’s hamon fist striking but not injuring the frog.
  • Stone Mask/Aja combo.
  • Red Stone of Aja.
  • Cars in Space.

Release date TBA.  Source.

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So…screaming’s a free action, right? I can scream and maybe cry a little while I’m stabbing?
the party, upon being confronted by giant centipedes (via outofcontextdnd)